"What does 'Calepino' mean?" - is a question we hear a lot.

The carp was chosen for its symbology. In the Far East, this fish symbolizes good luck, success, long life and persistence.

The color red, in China and Japan, is associated with luck, happiness and success. All that we desire, for ourselves and for our clients.

The name "Calepino" is in honor of the Italian monk, Ambrogio da Calepio (c. 1440-1510), also known as "Il Calepino", author of the first bilingual dictionary in the world.

"So what?" you may ask.

So, the Calepino studio was born developing content for interactive media. The basis for this type of work is the hypertext - a widely used instrument in dictionaries, which uses this type of "remissive link" to take the researcher from one page to another, thus complementing the consulted content.

Ambrogio da Calepio's "Dictionarium" became the world's first best-seller. Successive editions added 11 new languages to the original volume. The term "calepino" then began to be used to mean any published erudite tome.

Until recently, in Latin America, "calepino" was used as a synonym for dictionary.

Calepino works to leave as strong and positive a name as the one created by Ambrogio da Calepio.