Case Study


To create a website for IBGE, supporting school research, making the information generated by the Institute adequate for the adolescent world. The project involved analysis and creation of a specific writing style, graphic project and characters.

Calepino set up a team specially to develop the project, which included writers, journalists and researchers, designers and programmers, who worked day and night to meet the deadline.

In the final days, headquarters were set up in the IBGE building to run tests. In two months, IBGEteen was already becoming the most highly visited IBGE site, being responsible for about 30% of the hits made to all of the institute's servers.

Due to the success of IBGETeen, some time later Calepino was asked to develop IBGE - from 7 to 12, for children.

In this instance, the challenge was to create a dynamic and cheerful site that would be easily understood and be very educational.

The site was developed with close collaboration between the IBGE communication team, the Calepino team and school teachers hired especially for this job.