Certame Eventos

With headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, Certame organizes, manages and sets up events in various countries around the world.

Since 1981, the company's portfolio has accumulated a list of more than 300 events. Some of these events that Certame produced are Conferência das Nações Unidas para o Meio Ambiente e Desenvolvimento / ECO-92 - RJ (United Nations Conference for Development and Environment  /  ECO-92  - Rio de Janeiro; Americas TELECOM'96; the stands for Brazil, the USA, Namibia, Panama, Russia, Order of Malta and the International Olympic Committee at Expo'98, World Fair in Lisbon; and the  Broadcast & Cable - Brazil Newmedia Show, the most important one in television, in Latin America.

Calepino began its relationship with Certame Eventos in 2000, developing the company's institutional site.