Created in 1971, the Associação de Dirigentes de Empresas do Mercado Imobiliário do Rio de Janeiro - ADEMI (The Rio de Janeiro Real Estate Market Business Managers Association), is the most important corporation representing the Rio de Janeiro real estate market, with associates such as Brascan, Carvalho Hosken, Concal, Fabrimar, Gafisa, João Fortes, Multiplan, Patrimóvel, RJZ Engenharia Ltda., Servenco and Wrobel Construtora S/A.

Calepino's relationship with ADEMI began in 2001, with the creation of the Association's site. Since then, the studio has done countless jobs for it, including the development of hotsites and online systems.

In 2003, Calepino developed, the Real Estate Market Research, for Ademi. It is a large-scale online system that allows the Rio de Janeiro market to be mapped with enormous precision - number of units for sale, type of units sold, locations, prices - and other information.