Established in 1821, the Associação Comercial do Rio de Janeiro - ACRJ (Rio de Janeiro Commercial Association) is one of the oldest civil representation societies in the country.

As a public utility society of the Rio de Janeiro municipal district (under law nº 4.361), the Association is the federal government's  technical and consulting agency in the studies and solutions for problem solving related to national economy ( decree nº 6.348 of July 26,1940).

Members have access to credit, integrated information services, legal counsel, arbitration and foreign commerce courts, library and seminars, among others.

It is important to point out, that like various other Calepino clients, ACRJ is a long standing client. The first site created for the Association was in 1999: later, a new project was requested of Calepino and then, in 2006, again, a third, totally interactive project, aside from hotsites and other Council sites.