Academia Brasileira de Ciências (Brazilian Science Academy)

The Academia Brasileira de Ciências - ABC was established in Rio de Janeiro in 1916. Nowadays, it is composed of some of the country's main scientists, from ten specialized areas: Earth Sciences, Health Sciences, Agricultural, Engineering and Human Sciences are some of them.

The Academy develops scientific programs and events, establishes joint international pacts and publishes important scientific works.

Calepino's relationship with the Academia Brasileira de Ciências began in 2002, with the creation of the web environment for Programa "Integrando a Exceção" ("Integrating the Exception" Program) geared towards special-needs people. The project includes a portal, extranet, intranet and e-learning.

Calepino also developed ABC's institutional site and ProfiCiência, a project for attracting students to scientific careers.