Results for your company

Statistics show that 68% of clients abandon their suppliers due to that supplier's lack of attention and indifference to their needs.

Calepino proves that their clients are their most valuable asset. Just check the numbers below:

Acknowledge the quality of the service.

Since Calepino's creation, 71% of their clients have ordered more than four new projects from the studio.

Reassert the studio's good reputation.

Of the above total, 86% have recommended Calepino to other companies and institutions.

Trust the company

59% of Calepino's current clients sign automatically renewable, 12 month contracts with the studio.

Tangible Results
The great majority of Calepino's clients count at least one of the following tangible results in their business:

  • an increase of at least 100% in visitors to the site
  • an increase in client volume
  • a significant increase in contact volume or online sales

Some of these clients have also ordered systems, multimedia and web contents. Other still, have had their visual identity and graphic material (logotype, paper products, etc.) designed by the studio.

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